Health and Safety

Faced with the ever-increasing burden of legislation, meeting a company's health and safety requirements is a daunting task for directors, managers and employees.

Protecting Yourself

As an employee, senior manager or director, you have responsibilities to ensure your own safety at work, as well as others. If you are involved in a workplace incident, whether you were working with the injured party or were their supervisor or manager, it is important to ensure that your own interests, as well as those of the business, are protected.

Protecting Your Business

The consequences of failing to properly deal with a serious accident or workplace death can be catastrophic. In the event of any other incidence of a business critical failure you would not hesitate to seek expert advice and assistance All investigations into health & safety or environmental breaches are conducted in accordance with the criminal law. In the event of conviction the penalties available are severe (unlimited fines, imprisonment for individuals, publicity orders). Evidence must be gathered in accordance with the rules of evidence and mistakes in the process may be fatal to any prosecution.

How Can We Help You?

Our specialist health and safety solicitors have extensive experience of the full spectrum of health and safety cases across a diverse range of sectors. We will help you to ensure all documentation is fit for purpose and that you fully understand how all relevant legislation affects your business. When accidents do occur it is vital that you make the right choices straight away. We provide a First Response service which includes 24 hour emergency telephone legal advice, 365 days a year. We will represent you throughout any investigation process, during any ancillary proceedings (such as inquests), and during court proceedings at all court levels.

Further Information

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