Food Safety Law

If you operate a food business you must ensure that you comply with many legislative requirements.

Your business must be properly registered with your local Environmental Health department. The design and construction of the premises from which you operate must meet the minimum legal requirements.

A food safety management system should be in place and records must be properly completed and retained. All food that is sold must comply with the food safety requirements set out in the legislation.

Breaches of food hygiene and food safety legislation carry significant penalties and, if prosecuted, conviction often results in adverse publicity for a client's business.

How Can We Help You?

We have considerable expertise of representing food businesses in all aspects of food safety, food hygiene and food labelling issues.

We regularly deal with investigations and prosecutions that have been commenced by Environmental Health departments at local authorities. We can also assist clients who have been served with Hygiene Improvement Notices; Hygiene Prohibition Notices; Remedial Action Notices; Detention Notices and Emergency Prohibition Orders. We frequently deal with appeals of these Notices and Orders. We can also work with you to proactively review and stress test your existing Due Diligence Systems and assess how they would stand up to a challenge by a regulator. We can also provide you with proactive advice on food labelling requirements.

Further Information

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